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Some useful Tips Based On Vastu

Kitchen location

The South-East corner of the house is the most ideal one for the kitchen’s location and cooking supposedly should be done while facing the East. However, please bear in mind that the kitchen should not be located directly in front of the main door of the house.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom should be located at the South West corner of an East-facing home. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are recommended, so that you can leave the avant-garde construction to the other sections of the house.

Toilet location

The toilet location is another vital aspect, both from the perspective of Vaastu as well as from a general health and aesthetics angle. Toilets are to be located in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. If this is not possible, South East toilets are allowed. It is also that the toilets, kitchen and Pooja room in the house should not be adjacent to each other.

Underground water storage & well

These are located only in the north-east zone but off the diagonal connecting the north-east angle with the south-west angle.

Septic tank and soak pit

The best place for these is the western end to the northern side of the house. The second best is the northern end on the western side of the house. There is absolutely no alternative slot for these items.

Some other things to be taken care

> Allow a bright light on the main door
> Brighten the corners.
> Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.
> Dining-room should not expose to the front door of your house
> Avoid putting mirror in kitchen
> Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible.
> Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house.
> Place an aquarium in the south-east corner in living room.
> Place a happy family picture in living room.
> Please check the gate of the lift is not in front of the main gate of the house.
> The house should be fully airy and has enough water resource.
> In a place of worship in the house it is necessary to have open atmosphere.
> Take care that there is enough light and air. Latrine should not be near worship room.

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