Shisam International


Shisam International work with the same ideology and it’s believes that doing hard work with the passion and accuracy and focus on providing a good quality of products as according to client’s requirement with best possible price and serve you the best way and in best timing too.


We are always ready to hear your vision and your requirement. Have fun with book of ra online. Our thoughts and believes that friendliness environment is full of flexibility and sharing ideas and requirement without hesitation.


We are serving different products like export quality rice, cumin seeds with superb aroma, superb quality pomegranates, cotton with very nice quality and  other items in India as well as in Gobal world.



Shisam International has been the center of attraction about the quality and commitment. we can understand the state of the time in the international market. we always like to adjust with the client’s vision.


By holding quality in one hand & service in other it becomes key of our excellence. Putting this thought into practice, we constantly explore new ideas, latest technologies, innovation and sustainable techniques to speak for our products & quality in reality.


Honesty comes first for us

Work with authenticity
Create with integrity
Lead with teamwork
Maintain with excellence

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